There are a lot of paths that you can go down if you want your life to start becoming better than it currently happens to be, and learning how to teach yoga is one such path. Money matters are of no concern to people that have this much knowledge about yoga because of the fact that they would learn to acquire happiness through other means. Still, yoga teachers do earn a lot of money due to the reason that they are in high demand with most individual as well as corporate customers at the end of the day.

This makes yoga teaching the perfect option for people that want more job fulfillment as well as a stable income source that they can continue to rely on. Since you are likely going to be extremely intrigued by this concept and would want to focus the entirety of your strength on it, we would recommend going to Marianne Wells Yoga School. Their two hundred hour yoga teacher training course teaches you the basic concepts in depth and it also gives you a decent over view of the more advanced techniques.

However, suffice it to say that if you want to become a proper yoga teacher you need to go for the five hundred hour course. This course covers all of the various yogic topics that you would be interested in, but you can still make do with a two hundred hour course if you’re not going to be leading the session. Teacher’s assistants earn good money to, and doing the two hundred hour course can help you start earning an income sooner while you further your knowledge with another course part time.